Thursday, November 01, 2007
What's the Buzz???
Well feast your eyes on these... just sit and imagine a group of women sitting at their computers jumping up and down and clapping their hands like 3 year olds and that would be the reaction of the Buzz and Bloom design team when we saw the new chipboard books and index cards Helene and Devorah have created, if you would like to look at the whole range you can find the chipboard HERE
We don't do Halloween but would you look how cute this album is!!!!!!!!!! I'm think of begging some photos from friends from the US so I can do one!
In other news... the washing didn't get folded, I hate daylight saving! yesterday Alec woke at 7:50, 20 minutes before we had to be in the car so the morning was total chaos. Add to that they wont settle and fall asleep until 9pm.

I have now finished 33 cards!! woo hoooooooooo, I didn't get the boxes covered, might do that tonight. After school we are picking up Michael from Fiori, he is bagging the coffee for the school coffee drive, Michael's friend Indigo Mougin ran a second life auction over the weekend and raised close to $1000 for the Early Intervention centre.. how cool is that, people bought virtual art for their virtual homes and Lis is coming by this morning... and that is my day!
Blogger Lissy said...
The cards look great Alli! And like the look of the mini albums too!