Sunday, December 09, 2007
things that bug me
about me!!

It's the weekend, there are a few things that need doing, painting in the spare room so it is ready for grandma, washing, washing, washing, general stuff. I decide to blow most of this off so I basically have a whole day free, do I scrap photos I have screaming to be scrapped, do I work on the canvas's I have started and need to finish...

no... I don't, I read a book!

Now while this isn't such a bad thing right at this moment in time, I feel as though I have let precious scrapping time slip through my fingers. I'm not getting more than a run of three layouts at a time done, I'm coming up against walls, wrong colour, not what I really want or worst of all it just doesn't GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to who.. well me!! I get as much pleasure from the record keeping as I do from the aesthetic nature of my creations, I like them to flow. If they don't my balance is put off, my ying and yang chafe against each other a little instead of fitting smoothly together...

What bullshit you say LOL yes it is one of those days, I have again let myself be overwhelmed by my holiday season expectations.

I need to make a list.. and check it twice!