Tuesday, November 27, 2007
We have come such a long way with Thomas, he has been a companion in one form or another since Alec was 18 months old. Where there was one there was the other. Thomas has been Alec's friend, his shield against the world and the spark that ignited his imagination. Imaginative play was very slow coming, we basically had to teach Alec what it was, even then we were amazingly lucky as some autistic children struggle with it always. He played but in a rather robotic and repetitive manner. Now he makes up the most amazing adventures, and if he plays Thomas he adds in a tank , a soldier and whatever else takes his fancy.

We have an amazing amount of take along Thomas, they have been given as rewards, for comfort and as treats. I found him Brendam docks and bought it for him for Christmas. I was worried he was now getting a little past Thomas as he now loved Transformers, pirates and soldiers, he loves window shopping on the internet.. thankfully uncle Christmas is getting the transformers. This year they are getting one big pressie each from us and a few little things, like torches, we must have a dozen broken torches in this house but the boys love them, and glow sticks!

So anyway here is Alec and Thomas on his new play table, I figured if he was going to make me sit and watch I would take photos.
Blogger Lissy said...
great photos and love the page :)