Saturday, November 24, 2007
Button Tree
this was very very therapeutic. It took 2 trips to spotlight and 280 pins to complete.

In the beginning I just started with the cone, even covering all of it I wasn't happy so I pulled them all out and covered it with some dark green felt before I set off again.

I have 2 other sized cones, some really little ones about 8cm tall and another about 12cm tall and I want to do them in pearl buttons with gold pins, I think I am going to have to do another pin run. Now all the buttons are stuck on it is very heavy, I just have to think where it will fit with my Christmas decorations now.

I don't usually decorate until the week before Christmas, mainly because it is so dusty here and we have a big tree decorating evening once Penny (Michael's mum) arrives. I have 4 tubs of decorations stashed away here and there. I think it is my second favourite day because it means in just a few days time Santa will be here.
Blogger Lissy said...
Your tree looks great...great colours...good tip to know to cover it in felt first...

I was wondering about that! Mine are only small (4" high) so hope I have enough pins....I got a big box of 300...might need more...I want to do three of them!

Blogger Melissa Goodsell said...
I really adore your button tree, it's so gorgeous!!

Blogger Jenny said...
OMG the button tree looks great Ali. the boys play room in your last post looks really good as well. Not long to go now at all. groan groan ..... I love christmas but the school hols are soooo long for my boys, take care
Luv Jen xxx

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Your tree looks great Alli. I'm not sure I have the patience at the moment to do one of these!