Sunday, February 10, 2008
a sticky situation
the thing that gives me the most grief when I do a layout is the title. Firstly I take an age to think one up and then when I select an alphabet to go with my layout said alphabet does not stick, you would think something that is advertised as a sticker, would actually stick to something.

This isn't anything new to you is it? I mean we went through Heidi Swapp and the non sticking letter but we loved them so we stuck them down ourselves, but lets face it they were totally devoid of any stickiness by the time we got our grubby little hands on them, ok so we got past that nothing much of Heidi's stuck, now I am faced with almost every pre-adhesived letter type thing to be a total disaster.

If you look to your right you will see my brand new pack of American Crafts chipboard thickers, that just happily flaked off the backing page, so far the only thickers I have found that stick are the foam and the felt, the vinyl ones have some strange concoction on the back, 1/2 stays on the sheet 1/2 comes off = a whole lot of mess.

They aren't alone though I gleefully opened a pack of Making Memories noteworthy letter and after trying to encourage them to stick I relented and glued those suckers down, surely they could put a little more effort into product testing and making sure the product does what is says, you know none of them say alphabet sheets, they all say stickers!!!!

Don't even get me started on the 10 packs of 7G rubons I got in the mail this week.. ALL OUT OF THEIR PACKETS!!! or the rubons you need a pile driver to apply.. I will leave rubons for another time.
Anonymous Susan said...
So with you on this, unfortunately! I have a pack of AC sweater stickers or whatever the 'real' name is and they were awful to get off the paper and then don't stick at all!! I had to glue down my two y's and then I hurried and put it into a page protectore so at least if any others came off, I'd know where they ended up! What a mess!

Blogger Min's blog said...
I too had the same problem last night with AC thickers....ggrr....

Anonymous Laura T. said...
Yes, I have the same problems --- with some stickers (the velvet ones). And yes, some of those rub-ons I've purchased have left a BAD taste in my mouth. I've rubbed, and rubbed, and there are pieces still left on the paper.

I've tagged you over at my blog --- go check it out ---


Blogger Sarah C. said...
I feel your pain! I tried to apply a deja views rub-on the other day. Once I finished, half of it flaked right off the page. What a waste. Really irks me. Wish they would test their products a bit better or change the descriptions to match what they really do.