Wednesday, March 05, 2008
a blatant scrap lift
from page 68 of simple scrapbook magazine (except I couldn't be bothered looking for any embellishments or thinking up my own title).
This leaves two, make that one!! more layouts to do from my photo challenge, I was rather sure I would still be talking about this in a months time so I am happily surprised. I went and did this one too.

Somewhere during the afternoon after spending some time alone with myself I lost all drive and enthusiasm. I'm going to blame it on my cold for now, not my dark thoughts. You know the rhyme, it talks about eating worms. I know it isn't true but we all need to wallow in self pity every now and then.
Blogger Lissy said...
Great that you are getting those pics scrapped....I often waste time when I have time and then crave it when I dont...anyway there is always another day :)

Blogger Sarah C. said...
Great layouts! I love the quad design of the top one. You're doing far better than me on drive - I haven't scrapped in almost 2 weeks. Yikes! Need to find my mojo....