Monday, March 03, 2008
A challenge.. to myself

I have this bad habit! I print too many photos with every intention of scrapping them, then when I get some scrapping time I have forgotten what layout I had in mind for aforesaid photos, so they quietly get slipped to the bottom of the pile and I sneak off and print some I WANT to scrap, more get added to the cast off pile, my scrappers guilt grows along with my pile until it totally overwhelms me and rather than leave them where I can see them I slide them ever so quietly into a storage box.

Well THIS lot aren't getting hidden away, I am challenging myself to scrap these photos! I just want to get down my story and my photos in the quickest and easiest way, I'm going to give myself two weeks to clear my desk.
Anonymous hilli said...
cant wait to see the layouts!

Blogger jp said...
Great challenge! At least you are printing your bad habit is that I don't print them at all! Anxious to see your creations! :-)