Tuesday, March 04, 2008
plodding along
Here is another quickie, last year I had to make a giraffe costume for Alec, they were asked what they were when the dreamt, Alec's slip of paper said..

When I dream, I am a giraffe playing with my giraffe friends

and so that is what my wonderful friend Ali helped me make. I've come up against a little problem though, I can't find the photos, so I don't know the date. Last year before I bought the external hard drive I had to delete photos as I burnt them to disc, now they have gone astray. I don't have a very good disc filing system I'm afraid.

So I posted off grandma's photos and her apple cutter from Ikea and by my calculations I have photos for another 4 layouts so 6 finished layouts out of my table top photos isn't going to be too bad.
Blogger Ryzmomplus2 said...
Such an adorable layout and story!