Wednesday, March 05, 2008
a 30 minute layout
Here is another instalment of my challenge, I'm pretty happy with myself right now. These aren't arty,very little thought has gone into the design, I just want the story recorded. This one took 30 minutes including writing and printing the journaling, the journaling is down below.

Life can all be a bit too serious and as adults I really think we do on occasion forget what real fun is.

While we were on holiday in Busselton one of the little girls had a birthday party and her parents kindly spent two hours filling up water balloons. Michael decided he just needed to throw a water balloon at me, being the loving wife I am I had to reciprocate and throw one back. It was on for young and old then, not only were the kids throwing water balloons so were the adults.

I'm not sure how long it took us to throw all the balloons, it probably wasn't very long at all but the deep down belly laughs and squeals made it feel as though it would go on forever, I don't know if I have ever had so much fun before in my life. It was an opportunity to just let loose, because it was only water after all and the fun of throwing them, the splat of the balloons as they burst and other peoples laughter made it a wonderful experience. The best thing of all was it wasn't a planned activity, we just all joined in, shared some fun and got a bit wet.
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Wicked! I love that photo of you Alli!

Blogger Beach Gal said...
I love it! What a perfect page, Alli! :)

Blogger jp said...
What a great story! This is what sb'ing is about. :-)