Sunday, March 23, 2008
Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt, originally uploaded by Alli Paterson.

Well the Easter Bunny has been, he collected a couple of very sad looking old dummies and left a big chocolate chicken in its place then covered our front lawn with all kinds of eggs.

The boys had fun, Alec faded very quickly though and Riley was the main collector, it has been 6 hours since the EB has been and I haven't been asked for the dummies once, just nagged silly over when he can have his next chocolate. I don't think Alec has had any chocolate at all today.

As you can see by 7:53 am it was all over and Riley started demolishing his stash. We have enough eggs for the next 6 months worth of chocolate consumption in this house. We have all settled into a nice quiet day of tv watching and book reading, hope you day has been peaceful and happy.