Tuesday, April 01, 2008
rain rain come and stay, shopping for something other than scrapbook products and resting up
Well the dreaded lurgie still has me in its grip, very over feeling like a have a wet sponge in my ears, you know that squishy sound it makes when you squeeze out a wet sponge, well that is in my ears. Having Michael home yesterday was great because after we had done our shopping I crashed, Riley watched tv and played on the bed and I slept.

Monday we went and bought winter clothes for everyone, we braved the weather, it poured with rain!!! we loved it, we are big rain people. We got a little wet but I can live with that. It was so strange it was like every other person in the city had decided to go shopping on what could quiet possibly be the wettest day of the year, it isn't often we get 39mm of rain in a day here.

Just so you wont be disappointed I did do some scrap shopping at the retreat, Karen has the best shop, I picked up some yummy paper, I just love paper but have agreed with myself to only buy in lots of 2 or 3 instead of 10, and see that big flower, Karen was selling them individually, I have lusted over that flower for like 2 years.. was that when they came out? I only ever wanted the blue one and there it was!! I also picked up the {note}worthy spiral notebook and isn't that fancy pants paper gorgeous!

And look at the pressie Karen gave me! she is so sweet... you are so sweet Karen! Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend and for taking care of me. It is just so beautifully done I don't want to undo it.

Blogger Gigga said...
Hi Alli
Thanks again for a great weekend.
We really do appreciate all you do to get to Hyden. Your classes are awesome.
Hope you are on the mend real soon....

Blogger Heather said...
Wow! That is a lot of rain in one day. Love the goodies you got while at the retreat. I have the noteworthy spiral bound paper too. I am hording it!
Yes, the snow here is beautiful. I just don't want it in April. It was particularly beautiful when I went out this morning to clean off my car so hubby could get out to go to work! And then I shoveled the walk for the postman. But only a small path! I refuse to shovel the whole walk and driveway. It's just going to melt anyway! (I hope!)

Blogger Lissy said...
Yes it was rather wet wasn't it! Your goodies look great...I am sad I missed out on stocking up :( I really want one of those little albums too...and that flower is gorgeous :)

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
We had water everywhere up here too Alli. I hope you are feeling better soon and sorry you couldn't make it to dinner on Sat nite.
I hope to get your class layouts done very soon!