Thursday, May 08, 2008
so that is what I'm missing!!!
time.. I don't give myself time. When I do that first step process of envisaging how the photos will look on the final page, instead of going through the process I just want to go to the finished product.

Looking at recent pages I am skipping over anything that takes time, when did I get into this rush, I don't know because I have time set aside for scrapping but in this mind set I find I do very little but shuffle papers.

SO today I am putting in the effort, doing a few different techniques and not worrying if I am still working on this layout tomorrow. See what happened was when I scrapped every single photo it was easy, you were always in the groove, now the boys are a bit bigger and they already have 14 albums between the two of them so I had to back off and be more selective of what I scrapped. This put more time between scrapping, lots of distraction some good books and then WHAM!! it is gone, I've run off the road and I can't even drag up an idea from the depths of my mind. I want to get back to that middle road, where I can be super simple or a bit artistic and it is all good.

I've started a new page, I am going for arty, I've cut things out and I've painted some glad wrap (saw this HERE and loved the idea) but above all I am going slowly, enjoying the process because the process is the most important part of the finished product.
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
As the saying goes Alli - "It's all about the journey not the destination".
Enjoy your time being creative!

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
love your journaling so true

Blogger Linda said...
Enjoy the process, I hope the layout turns out the way you have visioned it.

Anonymous Crystal said...
Hey Alli - thanks for visiting my blog. :) I see you have a houseful of boys and you get my *star wars*. Your comment about them in "scatter mode" perfectly describes it! LOL
I see you are trying to enjoy your scrapping more - I hope you can find that again. :)
(and ps - i love the uncle bobby story - got to remember even if it means some work)

Anonymous Crystal said...
Ok totally forgot to add - love your header - so so love it.

ok - that is it - i'm going to stop stalking you now! ;)