Monday, April 21, 2008
the good-bye bags
I am really proud of myself at this moment and also very sad.

For some reason I have a real problem parting with my boys clothes. Today I am sending these bags of clothes to the salvo's.
In there are my maternity clothes, the last of the baby clothes, in fact there is almost a full bag of size 0000 - 0, Riley is 4 but I just couldn't part with them. Even last years winter clothes they had out grown. It is done now and I am even half way through my own cupboard, I really am a pack rat and this was good for me. I know that once it is gone I wont miss it, it was just hard, I kept bringing out little clothes I found to show Michael he would just smile, but when it came to shipping off a couple of his old tigger jumpers he was very reluctant, they have been put aside for now and I will have to work on him some more.

oh and why the good-bye bags, well Riley had started pulling some baby toys out of one of the bags and I told him where they were going and told him they were the good-bye bags and he was good with that, then he saw Alec's tigger and said tigger isn't going in the good-bye bag is he? I said no, he is staying home with us and then he said, well where are the staying home bags them mum
Blogger Lissy said...
It is hard to part with isn't it :)

Blogger Heather said...
The first time I did this with my little ones clothes (just put them away) I got teary eyed! It is so cleansing to purge once in a while though!

Blogger Theresa said...
Totally understand. I still have a few of my DS's outfits and he's 25!