Friday, April 25, 2008
to my dad
My great uncle Bobby passed away yesterday, my dad had been sitting with him and a few minutes after he left uncle Bobby left us. I am so proud of how well my dad has cared for uncle Bobby, my mum too. Not just ensuring he has been well cared for but visiting and taking him out every week. They would pick uncle Bobby up on Tuesdays and take him out for morning tea, Riley was lucky enough to go on these outings too. When uncle Bobby started to decline they would go and visit even though he didn't really know who they were any more.

Uncle Bobby has always been there and I suppose we think people always will be but over the last two years he started to decline rapidly. He has been a prisoner of war in New Guinea and never married, I suppose now I should find out his story so when my boys are older they will know Bobby better.

This is a reminder to me to appreciate my family and I hope when the time comes I can do a good a job as my dad has looking after our family.

Alec took the photo of Bobby at our Good Friday picnic at Kings Park in 2006.
Blogger Karen said...
I whole-heartetly agree Alli.

Blogger domestic goddess said...
heartfelt sympathies Alli - a wonderful life to celebrate.