Monday, June 09, 2008
Alec's first goal and the &*%# new bed from Ikea
part one...It finally happened, Alec scored his first goal during yesterdays soccer game. We are so excited still and he was just ecstatic... he was walking on air for the rest of the game and played so well. We have it on video but no photo. Our poor old computer is too dated to be able to handle downloading the video so we have to do it through the tv and record it to dvd. I'm going to try and work out how to turn video from a disc into a video clip on the computer so I can share.

part two...So Friday we get our new bed from ikea, this was a monster of a thing to put together, and included borrowing a car with a tow bar from one person and a trailer from another. We are all fine the first night but then Sunday morning Michael gets up and the slats collapse/fall off the rail under him. Then this morning at 5.20am when he gets up it happens again but then mine collapse/fall off too!!!! what is going on??????????? did I just spend $1150 on a dud???? I mean if we have to take it back I will be so annoyed in a deranged sort of way it wont be funny.

Being up since 5:20am has not put me in good spirits I'm afraid.
Blogger "Grendel" said...
Nor me! On the upside I may not have to go to Adelaide now!