Friday, May 30, 2008
I've published a book!!!
This is very cool, you may (or may not) remember a few months back I was talking about blurb booksmart, well yesterday I sent my first book to be published. It is an 80 page book of coffee photos, you can buy a copy or see a preview HERE

I can't wait for it to arrive! lets call this a test run because for Christmas I am making the family a book of my 365 days photos and I will be ordering 5 copies of that myself, but that will be my Christmas shopping pretty much done!!

My book has no text apart from the introduction and dust jacket, I wanted it as a purely visual experience, Michael is also working on a book but his is a bit more heavy duty, he is doing the history of coffee (notice the common theme here)
Blogger Gayle Smith said...
Looks awesome Alli! Good job.

Blogger Creative Junkie said...
Hey, that looks great! I'm a digi scrapper and bound books are a huge topic of conversation on the boards. I know Blurb has gotten some great reviews. I hope you love it!

Blogger Melanie said...
WOW! Your book sounds and LOOKS fabulous! Now my mind is spinning with ideas...I want to do one too! LOL! Your coffee photos shown in the preview for your book really look GREAT! Congrats!

Blogger Melanie said...
P.S. Love your blog!! ;o)