Friday, May 23, 2008
can you give me a favour???
hi blog readers... I am in need of a photograph. Not just any photograph but from a North American Christmas .. preferably with snow and people in lots of clothes making snowmen or decorating the house.. just so we can see it is Christmas and there is snow

Why do I need this you ask, well I have a project to do for Buzz and Bloom, so you would have to be ok with it being posted to the B&B blog, my blog and my flickr. So if this sounds like fun email me your photos at allipat at gmail dot com. They need to be either straight off your camera or 300dpi ready for printing, I will also need your name, the place the photo was taken and what you are doing.

Sounds like fun doesn't it?

And what is with the give me a favour thing, well Riley says that when ever he wants you to do something for him, which is pretty much every 15 minutes! It just sounds so cute.