Sunday, May 18, 2008
we awoke this morning to no power, the only problem with this was how was I going to dry my hair before we went out!!!

The boys were great they came in for cuddles then went off to play in the lounge. If we had just been doing soccer I wouldn't have even worried about washing my hair but we were also meeting friends for dim sum afterwards. Soccer was great and so was dim sum.

The crowning glory of the day were the croissants I made. You see Alec loves croissant and at $2.40 each from the bakery it was going to really start adding up, so for under $8 I made 24!! The boys helped roll them and they got the thumbs up from every one. It took a whole afternoon but it was worth the effort.

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Blogger Lissy said...
they look absolutely scrumptious :)

Blogger emily said...
Hmmm...those look so good! Did you make them from scratch?