Thursday, May 15, 2008
an update on Alec, stuff about autism, sibblings and scrapbooking
Alec started soccer 4 weeks ago. Yeah that's nice you say, well it is actually pretty fantastic. You see it is very hard for autistic kids to play team sports. So many different rules, things changing from second to second. Yet here we have Alec who is thriving, getting in there and loving it. Every goal he celebrates as though it was his goal, he feels, and I think he likes what he is feeling, instead of confusion there is euphoria, he looks as high as a kite, he flaps his arms and he makes funny noises and I think that is part of the appeal for him, he doesn't have to hold those mannerisms in because most of the other kids are doing the same thing.

Now for the not so good news, he is having trouble recognising peoples faces, it is made so much harder by the fact that the kids wear a school uniform now. We are going to do a set of photos for him with everyone photo and name for him to keep in his desk. Emotionally he is on a bit of a rollercoaster right now, up one minute acting like a teenager the next, he can be so dramatic. Last week I wouldn't let him play his computer game, or maybe I said he couldn't bring something somewhere, well the next thing you know according to him I had ruined his life.. Michael pointed out he was about 10 years too early to be feeling that way.

We have reintroduced his schedule at school, it helps so much and it is one more thing to reduce any stress he might be experiencing. Stress for Alec is bought on by not knowing what to do next, not knowing what is expected of him, too much noise and things like not knowing how to react appropriately to a situation. I sometimes find it hard to remember the little boy that didn't talk and hid under tables and screamed all the time. He has come so far and he has embraced every bit of therapy we have given him but some things will always be there and we teach him coping strategies.

And as for Riley, well he is such a complex little thing. We try very hard to make sure he is getting everything he needs, right now he needs lots of positive strokes, we give him little jobs to do, bringing in the washing, emptying parts of the dishwasher and tidying the playroom and give him lots of praise, we are building his self esteem up, Alec has it in abundance but as Riley is very shy we want him to break out of his shell a little more and this is the first step. Funnily Riley has the confidence to speak to adults but almost looks afraid of other children.

Here is my gorgeous big boy coming off the field, couldn't think of a title so this is how it stays... we are all off for flu shots this afternoon and Riley is getting his 4 year old vaccinations, wish me luck, I hate needles and I will probably get mine first to show them how brave mummy is...

UPDATE: the doctors went well after an initial hitch, they had booked us with the wrong Dr Chris, we see the same doctor all the time, it is really important for Alec and he wouldn't see the other one, so in the end our Dr Chris was good enough to see us during his lunch break, I went first, then Alec who was a bit shaky but happily announced it didn't hurt at all I didn't have to be brave after all!

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Blogger Lissy said...
Great to hear the shots went OK :)
You are doign a great job with BOTH your boys Alli :) Love the layout :)

Blogger Linda said...
Love your layout. Glad all went well at the drs appointment.

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
the layout is fabulous - I like it with no title
glad the dr's went ok

My son has autism and tried soccer and is now playing afl in a age group younger but none of the kids think he is any different in age and there is another boys also in his team with it. but they have fun each week he got the trophy yesterday i have not seen it as i watched my other son play soccer but when they get home from their dad's it will be the first thing he shows me

good on your son too many kids with autism are left out of sports