Wednesday, May 28, 2008
rainy days
Michael is home early today before he goes to Sydney for a few days for work, he was out roasting coffee and the boys had their umbrella's out.. a definate photo op
Blogger Lissy said...
perfect rainy day fun :)

Blogger Jenny said...
Ohhh how cute are they...... Just wait Ali until they are teenagers and NO WAY will they wear any sort of rain jacket (even cool ones!) and no way eva would they be seen with an umberella (like how gay!)

I love seeing photos of your boys - it reminds me of how georgeous and cute mine used to be! LOL - only jokin - I LOVE them soooo much !!!

Luv Jen xxx

PS - That blog you had a link to - OMG she is so funny and it is nice to see girls are as messy as boys! _ even though Sharon keeps telling me so.