Monday, June 30, 2008
lost blog posts and 365 day photos
Yesterday while I sat on the train to the city I wrote this fantastic blog post on my phone and emailed to myself, well it never arrived so my wonderful post is floating somewhere in the ether with all of the other emailed from a phone blog posts.

As Michael has done a post about it you can read DADS CHAMPION for the latest soccer news. We are so proud of our guy.

So all you get from me today are some more of my 365 day photos, I am unhappy with the gap between photos so I have to start remembering to take the camera with me!! While I love the rebel sometimes just the though of lugging it around sees me put it back. I will make more effort because I love the record keeping quality of these.

While my love of scrapbooking hasn't waned the simple logistics of album storage has caught up with me and I am more choosy about what pages I do. With 14 full albums after 6 years of scrapbooking that is about 700 layouts, if I were to keep up at this rate that would be close to 2000 layouts by the time Alec is 18 and some 44 albums, a bit scary I think! I see more 365 day photos in my future.

Blogger Sarah C. said...
What great photos! I love how you added a bit of journaling to them. Amazing, isn't it, how quickly we can fill albums and albums of layouts? This is definitely a great idea as a substitute and to help keep the quantity in check. :) tfs!

Blogger Heather said...
Great photos Alli! Wow! That's a lot of albums you've completed. I've started putting photos in albums so there are pictures to look at but not scrapping so many things. It's just to overwhelming and I want to enjoy the process of scrapping too!

Blogger :: gingerkitty :: said...
nice look into your children.s life

Blogger Renee said...
great photos. Love the journaling with each.