Tuesday, June 10, 2008
rage and desperation
who knew it would be so hard to get my child educated. I love Alec's teacher, the problem isn't there. At the end of last year I was told one thing about Alec's aide funding allocation or level or whatever it is called and then this morning I am told he actually has none, so I should feel amazingly blessed and grovellingly* grateful for any help my child receives (ok that last bit is my interpretation but I am mad so I can use a little creative licence)

Alec's case manager from the autism association came out and did another assessment, he needs help. He has poor muscle tone, weak upper body strength, he fatigues quickly and he needs OT during the day. If he doesn't get his squeezing and joint compression done he can;t focus or concentrate and his stress levels rise. At night when we get ready for bed if he is really wound up we open the little door in his head and let all the thoughts go, I know he needs this when he starts talking to himself really quickly, it is as though the amount of stuff building up in his head becomes unbearable. You know what though, he laughs, he loves the door in the head idea and it works. I will do whatever works, I am just amazingly frustrated that he has no consistent help, I am now at the stage where I can't do the best for Alec, I have had to call Michael into the fray, I know I am emotionally involved but I have become too emotional and it puts you at a disadvantage when you are dealing with these issues, I don't want them to cringe when they see me and think.. oh no here comes the deranged demanding mother again.

I hate this because this is the biggest priority to me and it just doesn't seem to be to them. Autism brings with it all kind of things but some of these things Alec can be helped with so he can learn and be part of the class.

I just want to have a throw down screaming tantrum right now.

* I made that word up, I really like it

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Blogger Heather said...
I like your new word.
As a former teacher I know how frustrating the system can be. And it seems more so there. My first advice, have the tantrum. Sometimes it helps to get it all out so you can clear your head. You do this for your son, do it for yourself too. Then, keep at them. If he clearly needs services than he deserves them. I don't know enough about your education system to help but it was always my advice to parents to keep bothering whoever was supposedly in charge!