Wednesday, June 18, 2008
a holiday album
What is it.. June now?? we went on holiday in January and I still haven't done my album. I have agonised over this, I pull everything out, put it back away again until today! I have finally decided what I want to do.

I have chosen to do it 5x7 and printed directly onto fine art paper, then I am going to bind it with the bind it all. I've made 4 template pages for the left and right hand size then all I have to do is resize the photos and slip them in and add a little journaling on the bottom. Each page is just going to have a sentence or two the main story will be told on the inside of the opening page. I am going to burn all the photos onto a disc and put them at the back of the album.

Here are the templates and a page from the album.

UPDATE: well I have finished all my pages and I have managed to get 60 photos into the album. Below you can see a screen shot of all the pages, the only negative is I only have 5 sheets of fine art paper and I need 6, the front photo is going to be printed on photo paper, if I can get more fine art paper today I may print it on that too. I was tempted to print out what I could but I want it to all be the same, I also entertained thoughts of using off cuts to make up another page but decided that was a bit too tacky.


Blogger domestic goddess said...
that is so cool Alli - thanks for sharing!!!! Have a couple of holiday albums that I might do that way!!!

Blogger Heather said...
I love your idea! I can't wait to see it when you are finished!

Anonymous Renee said...
This is a great idea. I need to do my Disney pictures like this, to get them all in one place.