Monday, July 14, 2008
365 days
So I realised if I wanted to give my 365 day photo book as Christmas presents I would have to adjust the start date. I had started on January 1st, I have now adjusted that to November 1st 2007. I figure I need to allow 4 weeks atleast for printing so I need to have it ready to send to blurb by the middle of November.

So I went back and here are a few from late November/December. I treated myself to some of the Ali Edwards Digi scrapbooking sets from and have had great fun with them. It just reinforces my wish that when I grow up I want to look Like Angelina Jolie and am as creative as Ali, Donna and Cathy.


Blogger Heather said...
Great photos. What kind of car is that? I Love the color! When I saw Ali's new digi designs I was thinking that you would like them and use them well.

Blogger Raquel said...
Great pictures!!! Very colorful!

Blogger Krissynae said...
Great photos. I know they will love these as presents. Wow love the car. Every woman should have a convertible.