Sunday, July 06, 2008
R2D2, scitech and the weekend
Well i finished my r2d2 album, I am happy with it and I loved using the bind it all, this was the first time i was truly happy with the coils, they finished up round. I'm not sure if this is because I used the uncoated silver coils opposed to the painted ones on other projects or that I just got it right.
Saturday morning saw us off early to mum and dad's house, they have just moved in. We arrived with lots of scones and the boys ran wild exploring and choosing which bed was whose in their bedroom. Alec doesn't want to do a sleep over but was happy enough to pick a bed so we will see what happens.

A couple of weeks ago Michael won some tickets to Scitech on the radio and we picked them up yesterday and took the boys. To be honest in the first five minutes I was ready to go home, the next ten minutes I wandered behind the children dejectedly wishing to be anywhere else but there, after the first half hour I realised I would survive and the kids had settled down and were really enjoying themselves.

I think their favourite was the construction site, most of that pink wall comes down and they collect the bricks and build the wall. Once Alec put the last brick in he stood guard and didn't want it touched. I suggested perhaps he pull it down so he would then be able to build it all over again. Just the sight of him holding back a pack of kids from the wall was a fair indication some intervention was needed. So down the wall came and off they went again.

Today Michael took Alec to soccer as Riley has a bad cough and it was freezing out, Alec now has a major case of the sniffles so it is pancakes and movies for us today.

Now on twopeas today I asked about journaling, I am trying to do more and get more down, below is a conversation I had with Alec but I have no photo. I do have a photo from close to the date that I was going to have in the background, still not sure, this is it with no photo.

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Blogger Sandra Collins said...
fantastic conversation - I would just go with photos around this time period - definitely something to capture on a scrapbook page.

Blogger Heather said...
Love the album and the picture from the scitech thing. I too have a little difficulty with my BIA. I'm never sure how far to squeeze it closed and then I don't always get a nice round bind.