Thursday, July 03, 2008
getting around to it or I will do that...soon
Back in 2005 (omg it is just scary trying to remember 2005) I made an album about Alec's love of D2D2 (R2D2 in then 2 year olds speak) and I gave it to his grandma.. I don't regret this, it has a lovely story about Alec in it and I thought it would be something nice for her to have. I then had every intention to throw together another one for myself.. doh!!

Well today I was inspired by my sandwich (which was the same shape as the album) and the fact that Star Wars was playing in the background. So today I am sifting through my computer for the story and the album templates, this time I am going to do it with the bind it all.. any excuse hey. So this is what it looked like in 2005..
And this is the story Michael wrote..

Our oldest boy, Alec is two years and 9 months old. He loves Star Wars, that's the first Star Wars - episode 4 of the story, but the first of the films, with Alec Guinness, Mark Hamill and a host of great British actors in the roles of the "naughty men" as Alec describes them. He's seen the other films, and is not overly fond of episode 1 pr 2, but episode 4 will get watched at least once a day and often many more times. Its odd in a way that children of his generation may actually see the films in order of their episode number and not in the order in which they were filmed like our generation has. Alec though seems to have adopted what I think of as the "proper" order for the films.

The most amazing thing for me is the way in which he perceives the story, and who is the hero - according to his point of view. It's not Luke Skywalker, the impulsively brave but somewhat bewildered former yokel son of the Dark Lord of the Sith, its not the cynical rogue, Han Solo or the avuncular noble Obi-Wan. Nope, Alec's hero is a garbage can on roller skates, the indomitable, incomprehensible, ever-present droid, R2-D2.

I was wondering one night just why Alec would choose R2-D2 as his favourite character - particularly since most of my peers preferred Han or Chewi or even Darth Vader. Then it hit me, Alec sees himself as R2-D2. Alec's not yet old enough to distinguish between the appearance of life and real life - for him a machine that looks as if it has independence of movement is as alive as our cat.

R2-D2 (D2D2 in Alec speak) is a lot shorter than the other characters in the film, speaks a language most people can't understand, wants to help but frequently gets into trouble while trying and has a lot of accidents that requires others to help him out. In short, R2-D2 is a two-year old, just like Alec. And if you start to look at the whole movie from that perspective - it all takes on a radical new meaning about how a child of two experiences the world and how many things that they see in Star Wars speak to them of their own life - particularly if the setting is something they have never experienced before, because THAT IS THEIR WORLD. It is all new, all the time and it must be a lot of fun and perhaps a little scary, just like "aar Wars".

Tuesday December 7th 2004
Blogger Heather said...
Great story and album. I tend to give away a lot of what I make. But now that I'm a mommy I am starting to make more things to keep. That way I can remember too!
Thank you for the comment about "mommy" and "why". My best friend's daughter was here the other day and must have asked me "why" about a hundred times! I think I can wait until O starts putting "mommy" and "why" together.

Blogger jill said...
Great story and love the album. DS would love the album too. He's a big star wars fan!

Blogger Justine said...
Alli, this is a great story.....such precious memories to look back over. A great reminder on how important the journaling side to scrapbooking is. Hope all is well with you and that your school holidays are all that you hope......I am looking forward to the break in the routine and staying in my PJ's for a bit longer in the mornings!!

Blogger KarenSue said...
really enjoyed this story and can't wait to see the new album!

Blogger CrystalJRieger said...
great story and album! So great that you are revisiting this and making one for yourself. Can't wait to see the new version.
(my kidlets are star wars junkies and I should be doing the same as you - making an album!)