Thursday, January 12, 2006
Stranger in the house
I just watched a documentry on SBS about autism, my heart goes out to these families, I don't know if I would be coping as well if one day Alec had changed, withdrawing from us. You see looking back now I could tell you that Alec was autistic from 6 weeks. We never had anything to compare him too and thought we had a normal baby on our hands. We didn't realise we were the ones that should have been creating the routines instead of Alec. From 6 weeks he ate and slept at the same times every day. I just thought I was amazingly lucky.

When we started the diagnostic process they suggested we look at video and see what autistic type traits we could see, there were so many. Until Alec started speech therapy in July last year at 3 1/2 no one could understand him, he didn't point or indicate what he wanted he had a series of different pitched shrieks. Now after 6 month of speech you wouldn't know he is the same boy. Tomorrow I am going to organise some occupational therapy, I'm hoping we will be granted some type of funding this year as speech and OT will come to about $8000, none of it covered by medicare.