Friday, February 17, 2006
Silly impatient me, couldn't be bothered looking for the cotton and stuck the damn Heidi Swapp silhouette down with DM and can see it through the silhouette and am so annoyed at my lazy self... There.. Self flagellation over, but really I could have stapled it too, but no miss can't mess up THE look says no, this will be fine..NOT oh well, trying to get a shop sample done by tonight and it isn't going to happen, I'm making my first paper bag album, let me tell you the coles paper bags are a bit thin and nasty but I'm having fun.

Thank you girls for all your lovely comments on my pink box! I'm pretty happy with how it has turned out, I just had to keep it within the confines of what was available at the shop and what I think the class can do in two hours and I think this one will be good. We have a crop night at the shop tonight so I am taking it along to push my classes!

So anyway I am off to attempt so long overdue grooming issues I have.. Wish me luck!