Friday, April 07, 2006
Why I keep going
The sheer unpredictability of autism can be exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes just truly amazing and wonderful. Alec has had a bad week so we all have a bad week, our ability to be able to meet Alec's needs before he even knows what they are have been sorely tested, autism for Alec is about rules, the rules he has to get through the day, this goes all the way to where we park when we go shopping, which entrance, which lift. Everything has a ritual, we know them all well and the consequence of not doing them but occasionally he throws us a curve ball. The other day I needed petrol and before I have even stopped he is shrieking, once I get him calmed down he tells me I am at the wrong bowser.. So I move but he is so traumatised he is sucking his thumb and worrying eeyore with his head bowed and his eyes closed, Alec has gone for a little while.

Then Wednesday night out of the blue he is running around asking Michael to take photos of him, i swear I am not able to get a photo of his face for weeks at a time but here he was running squealing and posing, we played chasey, peek a boo.. Where's Alec? and anything we could think of and just kept taking pictures.

Anonymous Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...
Wonderful photos, what a cutie.

Gotta love that smile :)

Have a fun week end and take care.

Anonymous Rach said...
Alii I have no idea and I couldnt possibly imagine, but I think you are an Angel honestly, how lucky is that gorgeous little man to have you!

The photo's are great his smile made me smile. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous Rach said...
Forgive my typing Alli, I'll slap myself for the lack of proof reading.

Blogger Justine said...
What a gorgeous boy! Alli, Alec is so lucky to have such compassionate parents......enjoy your weekend.

Blogger Brooksy said...
Big hugs Alli, I dont get much time lately to check in, sorry to read things have been tough, I cannot begin to imagine, you are one special Mum! Cute pics too BTW! Love that great big smile!

Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...
Alli that is one good looking gorgeous little boy you've got there.

I cannot even begin to imagine how exhausting the rituals must be for you.

You are one special Mum and your kids are so lucky to have you.

Nic xx

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Beautiful photos of your gorgeous boy! Hope you have now had some good days :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That last comment was me...not anonymous :) Lissy