Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Shopping with Lissy..
Once Michael reads this he will never let me shop with Lis again LMAO, but i tell you it was fun and we were only online! imagine if we had actually gone to a store. I suppose with a store you are more wrapped up in what you want, where as here we sat together and ordered.

We ordered from scrapbook.com superstore and even with $34 postage we still came out ahead. We went looking for things that we can't find anywhere in Perth or were out of stock in the online stores, plus our big bargain to which Lissy said ' see if we hadn't looked at everything we would never have found it!' made it well worth while, I also had to remind Lis that nor would we have added $100 on to our original total if we had stuck to our initial order!

So our bargain was Heidi Swapp decorative tape kits for $15 for 30 rolls of tape!! They had 2 of each kit and we bought them both, I'm pretty into tape atm, such good fun. So that amount alone if you bought it by the pack comes close to being $100 worth of tape.

So anyway shopping with Lis was an experience! she was almost manic at some points when it looked like we had skipped past a companies product and we had to go back and just make sure we didn't miss anything, we laughed and laughed, luckily we have pretty much the same taste. I just know that by the time we get all that scalloped paper it will be patted and admired but we will have no idea what to make with it!
Anonymous Lissy said...
I am not a crazy woman nor scrap obsessed...it was all Alli's doing!! :)

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
What a bargain! Good shopping I say, what Husband can complain when you save that much money in one shopping spree! Lissy - obsessed - Yes! Alli - equally obsessed - mmmmmm Yes!
Also equally creative so I can't wait to see the results.
When are you both coming to visit me?

Blogger tara said...
Oh that sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous Anne-Marie said...
Sounds like bliss... shopping, laughing, enjoying a best friend's company... worth every cent I say!!! Can't wait to see what the big buy up produces. :D

Blogger "Grendel" said...
Oh goody.

"what husband can complain when you save that much money in one shopping spree!"


I'll be saving that one for a rainy day.

No more internet for you!

Blogger Justine said...
Yay Alli! Can't wait to see what is created with it all and I hear there's no rain forecast for a while!!