Saturday, March 03, 2007
useless ramblings
you can just skip this entirely if you like, it bears little resemblance to anything rational at all. I'm sick you see.

I don't do sick well.

If I am not totally incapacitated I suffer dreadful guilt at not being able to do what needs to be done, you know the whole nurture and care for the family thing, I'm sick enough that I am only barely functioning but well enough to stand up so to me that means if I go to bed I am slacking off, so instead I am watching star wars with the laptop, I so love this laptop, it is very cool. last week I took it to a cafe while i waited for Alec to finish therapy and set up 6 pages of photos for printing.. but that is another story.. I am sick! add sick to a migraine and you have real misery, I am so over migraines. No you understand the rambling bit

As for scrapping, I have a page sample to do for the Hyden retreat, so looking forward to going away with Lis and Sharon and might try and finish a few pages i have floating around

So no expectations for this weekend, it makes a nice change.
Blogger domestic goddess said...
Oh Alli - so sorry to hear that you are sick - hope that it passes soon and that you are back on top of the world with your new scrap room -

Blogger Lissy said...
oh no - not a nice way to spend the weekend - hope tomorrow is a better day :)