Friday, March 09, 2007
Water Baby
you know when you just have to have something... luckily this was a $4 something, I bought the Rhonnah Farrer Bold Borders from twopeas, so so cute. shhhhhhhhhh Riley and I went to Ikea this morning, only 2 little things for the scraproom, the rest is for the boys playroom and our walkin which is the most ignored and messy room in the house!
Blogger Lissy said...
Love the page - very cute border thingy :)

I need a trip to Ikea too :)

Anonymous Tara said...
Love it... I tell "shhhhh" secrets on my blog too. Pity hubby reads it. lol

Blogger Kell said...
Well now Miss Alli, I had to go looking too didn't I- but bought a bit more than you! Now have to work out how to use them.
Great pic of the boy by the way!