Monday, March 05, 2007
I like trying new things.

I dislike waste.

So when I saw I could print 4 photos to a sheet of paper with zero wastage I was curious, I also wondered about not editing photos first. I worked out in the end I should stop being curious and avoid wondering about things!

I am a single photo scrapper, so imagine how lost and alone a single unedited 6x4 photo looks! For what started as a quick layout took 4 hours of serious pondering and shuffling, I wont list the judgement blunders I made, there are way too many, but after saying all that throughout the day the page has grown on me, a little busy perhaps but interesting non the less!
Anonymous Tara said...
I have no idea of the blunders you made, but I think this looks great!

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Looks good to me Alli. I don't like anything smaller than a 12x12, and ATC's well, lets just say they ain't me.