Sunday, March 04, 2007
Important stuff.
Nothing is more important to me than ensuring the future of my children, to help our son Alec and many other Western Australian children that attend the Autism Association Early Intervention centre we are once again running a crop day fundraiser. last years was fantastic and this year we have a bigger venue, we can hold up to 120 ladies.

At the same time the coffee snobs community Michael frequents has rallied to the cause and have donated 30kg of green beans through this months bean bay and a local coffee roaster Fiori Coffee have donated the use of their roaster and grinder and we are having a coffee drive!

Coffee blends will be finalised once the donated coffee arrives and 250 gram bags will sell for $7.50

Once again we have been touched and thrilled by the offers of help and the donations of prizes, for more information on the coffee side of our fundraising check out Michael's coffee blog cafe grendel