Tuesday, March 06, 2007
it's hot.. too damn hot
the temperature right now this minute is 42.2 which is just bloody awful!

chicken and salad for dinner and lots of quiet tv time for the kids!

and the same forcast for tomorrow!!!

Anonymous Tara said...
I'm very busy, hiding in the air conditioning. Here's to hoping for a much cooler day tomorrow. We can dream can't we.

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Yes too hot Alli! My girls had their swimming carnival today and they are exhausted. I sent them with a tube of sunscreen each and lectured them all the way to school this morning to use it....more than once! LOL
Steve is working on site for the next few weeks and he just called and said he has the biggest headache. Yuk I hate it this hot. But we have been lucky so far this year it has been quite mild. Here's to a few degrees cooler!