Monday, November 19, 2007
Getting ready
for Grandma, Santa, mum and dad... just trying to do instead of avoid.

Michael reminded me we only have 4 weeks until grandma penny arrives.. in that time this is my list of to do's

patch and paint, hallway, grandma's room, entry
clean outdoor setting
sort playroom (look at the photo below)
remove sandpit (done yesterday by Michael and Alec)
brick pave under new patio section (Michael and friends are doing this next week)
space bag everything I possibly can ( have space bags)
With the toy sorting, well it is long overdue, there are many things they don't play with anymore and Michael has made them a play table for the playroom so if it doesn't fit in the Ikea shelve tub things it is going! I delivered a big container and a big bag of mega blocks to pre primary this morning and I have sorted all the kitchen set and accompanying bits and packed up all the fisher price toys. This has been the first time Alec has allowed anything to be given away, I had asked about the kitchen before and he said no, but they have not touched it in months, except to pull it apart and launch commandos from stove top.

And this is the finished playroom..

I still have about a tub of I don't know what to do with these... type of toys, but this culling is an amazing start for me.. more commonly known as ..she who never throws anything out...ever
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
oh Wow!!!!!!!! What a transformation Alli, you have done a fantastic job. It must feel awesome to have such a purge.
Good luck with the rest of the list.

Blogger Lissy said...
fabulous job Alli...I struggle with getting rid of things too but it does make life easier!