Thursday, April 10, 2008
a 365 day photo
I'm slipping a bit behind with these, I have decided to just do photos with people, some days there aren't any of those, I am hoping over the holidays to get more photos. It is getting hard to get the boys now, when they see me they hold something up, run away or put their head under a pillow.

This one is a straight lift of Ali Edwards photo editing in her weekend creative:Hello life mini book I'm liking simple right now and this is clean and simple.


Blogger Lissy said...
I am rather keen on simple myself :)

Blogger Jenny said...
Simple? Simple? with boys LOL - you should know there is no simple!

Love the photo Ali - what camera have you got? I would love an SLR but hey those bills and stuff called food gets in the way!

Luv Jen xxx