Wednesday, April 02, 2008
have you seen this???
This is so very cool. I have wanted to do a coffee table book for Michael of some of his 100's and 1000's of photos of coffee, and yesterday while blog surfing I came across a link to blurb booksmartThis is the dust jacket for Michael coffee book, you can have soft cover or hard back.

So far I have finished one 40 page book and I am doing my 356 day photos in a book too as these will make great pressies, I told mum and she thought it was a great idea. She is not really a scrapbook type of person but does love photos so this will work well.

The thing I like about this one is that it is all on my computer and I have better control over viewing previews of the book as big or as small as I like. I'm going to send the coffee book for printing tomorrow.

Can you imagine a hardbound book of your favourite layouts, makes me dizzy just thinking about it!
Blogger Heather said...
That is so neat! I've seen some of the shutterfly ones. I'd like to do one for my FIL who takes tons of landscape photos in Montana. Also, please stop over to my blog when you get a chance. I posted more snow pictures just for you!

Blogger Colleen said...
Wow! How cool is that!?! Thanks for the info and link!