Saturday, April 12, 2008
so there are great doctors out there after all
Yesterday we had a visit to a paediatric surgeon for Alec. As we arrived at the door and I had awful flashbacks to Alec's initial autism diagnosis as this was also the office of the oh so useless negligent rude insensitive paediatrician we saw. To my utter amazement though we weren't kept waiting 2 and a half hours, we sat for 5 minutes and there he was calling Alec's name.

And what a lovely man, looked at us, smiled talked TO Alec and actually told us all the options, I was thrilled. He was surprised to see Alec was autistic because he does present really well in these situations, we have done a bit of role playing and social story type conversations with him about what is exactly going to happen. So we went away with the answers we needed. Poor old Alecie he is a little embarrassed about the whole thing, you see his foreskin is very long and not retracting but he was so good and we will try some more cream for it and see if that works before we resort to surgery.

After the doctors we went to the asian grocery store and picked up some yummy steam pork buns and other goodies and decided to stop and eat at the Red Turban, I probably should have gone with take-away as Michael suggested but the day had gone smoothly so far. Well if the doctor could have seen Alec 10 minutes into our meal there would of been no doubt in his mind that he was autistic! The poor thing I feel like it is all my fault when he is in a situation that makes him anxious, he starts talking and we get a slightly shrill sound in his voice and before we knew it he was going to live with grandma and not coming back because... well by then I was trying to eat as fast as possible so I could take Alec for a walk. We did try to get him to eat something as he does like naan bread but Michael thinks it might have had too many smells from the tandoor, Micahel tells me Alec likes roti's better, (he ate 2 when he got home, we are thankful for freezer food) he would take a bite of the naan, throw it back in the basket and tell us what was wrong with it, it didn't have even colour on the back. So we sat and Alec melted down.

I got my last mouthful in and said.. ok lets go for a walk, I paid the bill and we went and got them an icecream for the trip home. He was fine by then but at home his blanket was never far away and rubbed his ear with the corner, he sat on us or between us .

We told them last night that if they woke up and we were still asleep they should play in their room. Well they are so proud of themselves because they did exactly that until I got up. We are just having a quiet day at home, once I manage to run myself through the shower I might take them to the park as it is a lovely day...


Blogger Juliana said...
Saw you on the 2peas blog thread; this is my first visit to your blog. Must tell you that I love your blog header!

I hope that the medicine works for him and that surgery isn't necessary.

Have a lovely day!