Wednesday, April 16, 2008
holiday play dates
We jut got home from a visit to Lissy's. It seems like ages since we all got together. below are some pictures Lis and I took on Lis's camera, we had a play then headed for Whiteman park so the kids could have a play at a big playground and they had a ball.
Riley and Morganne having a cuddle, Riley always wants a cuddle and a photo of them together.
play in the boat
Alec loved this, they had a flying fox thingy that they could all reeach, he said/yelled MUM.. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVAH!!!
slide races

it was pretty hot by the time we had finished and the kids had run themselves ragged and Morganne has slept the whole time, Lis and I were lucky enough to find a bench under a tree in the playground. After that we went back to Lis's and had some lunch and the kids played and Lis took up Michael's pants, she kept saying.. are you sure these are right? are you sure these are right? Michael's pants always need taking up.
Blogger Lissy said...
E was absolutely knackered tonight but she had a great day!

Blogger Heather said...
What a great day! Love all your recent pictures. The weather there looks beautiful! We are finally warming up into some spring weather. And before too long I will be whining about it being too hot!

Blogger emily said...
Very nice pictures! Everyone looked like they had a ball!

Blogger emily said...
Thanks for checking out my blog! Yes. I used letter stamps and white ink on black cardstock. Thanks for looking!