Saturday, May 10, 2008
redicovering it
So this was great, I really enjoyed it. It took me 3 days but that is ok I now have something I love. And you know what else for the first time I used things from the same design line, I mean what in six years you never thought to do this, it just all worked and that is what I love.

Much of my inspiration came from saturn art I would love that much energy in my work all the time but will settle for every now and then.

So there is lots of foam tape, a bit of felt and the letter stickers are on transparency that I cut around, gave me more control and then I didn't have to worry if I hated where they were.

I'm looking forward to my next layout now, once I clean the table top.. one of those never ending repeating things, still not as drudgish as laundry though and clears the mind for more creating


Blogger Lissy said...
fabulous - love it :)

Blogger domestic goddess said...
Alli that is stunning!!

Blogger jill said...
very cool layout! inspires great "boy" ideas (ideas for girls too)!

Blogger Deanna Hutchison said...
Love the layout--I've got two boys too so I can totally relate--looks awesome!

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
I love this layout