Sunday, May 11, 2008
a perfect mothers day
I was greeted by two excited little boys this morning. They bought their mothers day gift home during the week and tried to give them to me then but I sent them off to hide them. Michael said they hid them very well too. The also surprised me with a BIND IT ALL!!!!!!

Michael took Alec to a party yesterday but said he wanted to go early to go to a camping store to check out pots for his coffee roaster, instead he told Alec they were going to Scraptivate to get me a present. When they got there the girls asked if it was a mothers day present and Alec said yes, but we are at a camping store, and you know he didn't say a thing he kept the secret.I got a beautiful decorated cushion a card and a box of chocolates from Alec and a painting, bookmark and a pipe cleaner bracelet from Riley.

So after gifts Michael made me eggs benedict, which were just so yummy, the eggs were cooked to perfection and the sauce (ok I helped with the sauce) was delicious, thank you honey I loved my brekky and my present, you sneaky thing, and you too Lis, keeping secrets from me :)
ta da! I have so wanted one of these, I even had a huge email marathon with Lis about it just the other day, why I wanted it, what I had planned, how I was saving up with all my loose change.. sneaky
and here I am with my two beautiful boys, after the photos we went off and watched Alec's soccer game, he loves it I am so glad and it really is a nice family outing.
So I hope you have all had a wonderful mothers day, I have had the best one.
Blogger Lissy said...
Breakfast looks yummy :)
Glad to keep the secret...Now get on and bind something lol:)

Blogger jill said...
Great photos! Enjoy Your BIA!

I'm still waiting to see what MD has in store for me. Whatever it is it had my dd and ds talking in code and sneaking around the house this week :)

Blogger emily said...
Enjoy! I love the picture of the beautiful gifts your kids made you...those are definate keepers! Happy Mother's Day.

Blogger Renee said...
Have a Happy Mothers Day.

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
sounds like a wonderful mothers day