Thursday, July 24, 2008
now we are getting somewhere...
well when I left you yesterday.. I was sorting albums out. Today I have finished filing layouts and I have labelled all the albums and it looks great!

The secret is to measuring! I measured the size on the outside and then the inside, so when I made my labels in photoshop I could make sized boxes for them, then when all the text was done I turned off the inside box layers.. perfect!

I saved the file and typed what the font was called, I am useless at remembering font names so I try and do this as much as possible.

Today I am going to start on my Buzz and Bloom project, the theme this month is 5!! because Buzz and Bloom are turning 5, check out the celebration plans HERE
Blogger Heather said...
Love the labels you've created. I am in awe of the number of albums and layouts and photos you've amassed! That is amazing! I can understand how you'd be overwhelmed.
I've got the Photo Freedom book too and it's helping to organize from this point on. I've only been digital for two years so I'm not going backwards!

Blogger Lissy said...
wow that is great...I havent even read the book yet! Can you email the labels to me LOL :)

Blogger Charleen said...
wow you are organized. that's great!