Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Photo freedom
I started reading Stacy Julian's book last night, I'm up to page 62 and already I feel inadequate and overwhelmed even before I pull out a single photo.

Now this is a job I HAVE to do, gone are the magnetic albums, but have I scanned the photos?? no I haven't. I used to have a fantastic agfa snapscan scanner that recognised each photo so you could fill the plate and it would batch scan, unfortunately it met a sticky end and I have mourned it ever since, so the thought of having to scan whole pages in then cut them up and name them leaves me cold, let alone just the sorting. I think you need to be armed with all the appropriate storage devices before you even start. Then there are the upwards of 30 thousand digital photos I have taken in the last 6 years, and do I delete any? do I keep all those blurry head cut off photos, yes I do, I am a digital photo pack rat!

Just the concept of finding a place in my home where I could have piles of photos out for weeks on end defeats me even before I get started.

My albums, they now number 17, 14 are full there are 650 layouts in them!

And you know I am not huge on chronological order when I scrap but I do like to store them in albums that way, I have the album thing sorted but I do honestly need to sort the rest of the photos, so even if I never scrap them I will be able to look at them and know roughly where they are apart from.. in the plastic tub in the linen cupboard or that cardboard box in the spare room. After my grandfather died I was given a big box of photos with hardly any names and no dates, they still sit in the box.

I have layouts to file today, if I can get that done I will be happy, next I want to re-label the albums so they have a date range, I think I saw Becky Higgins had done hers like that and thought it looked a whole lot more classy than my Alec one, Alec two, Alec three

UPDATE: well I have started sorting my albums, I've realised they a a little full so I am moving some along the the next album, stopping here and there to read a story, I am the worlds biggest sap though, I was just ready the journaling to this layout -

it was in For Keeps magazine a million years ago in the heartfelt journaling section, it is heartfelt alright, here I am reading it and I burst into tears.. write those stories girls, they are so important for us and for those that come after us.. ok, back to album sorting.
Blogger Gayle Smith said...
Wow Alli! Your albums look great! Gotta love matching albums!

Blogger Domestic Goddess said...
I don't have as many albums as you, but I do sit down and read them - I read through mine the other day and it was scary to see what I was thinking and doing only a few years ago! You are allowed to be a sap!!

Blogger Lissy said...
I have 12 albums :) But it is the photos I need to sort too....and by the way that is one of my favourite layouts...look how litle Alec is :)

Blogger Lissy said...
I have 12 albums :) But it is the photos I need to sort too....and by the way that is one of my favourite layouts...look how litle Alec is :)

Blogger KarenSue said...
oooh nooooo!!
I just got thru the stack of mail on the kitchen table!

now you got me thinking about
my photos and albums, too!

very cute layout and picture
lvoe the use of burnt orange with smokey blue and brown...hmmm feel a color lift happeining

Blogger Lily said...
Girl, I feel your pain. I have 36 completed albums and they are full to the pointof falling apart. I shudder to think how many pages that is. I'd say don't stress the sorting thing. Just have fun with your craft and do the best you can. I recently went back and labeled the last 20 or so albums with binder clips and metal rimmed tags. I forget which book that came from but that's about all the organizing Iplan on doing. Just do what makes you happy. I am beginning to think most of the organizational books just make the rest of us normal folk just feel inadequate.

Thanks for sharing that wonderful layout

Blogger purplecrazymum said...
I bought big picture scrapbooking first, just to give myself a bit of a poke, but I think that filing system for SJ's LOs is awesome! I don't know if I could do it, but I definately want to look into photo freedom and change the way I store my photos... for I, too, am a digital photo pack rat ~lol~