Monday, July 28, 2008
you know the butter has a lid now don't you..
then I don't know why you don't just put it back on!!

no ofcourse you don't! I know you are just tormenting me by leaving it off, or maybe you truly are unable to put the lid back on like you are unable to put the promite back in the cupboard!! I mean to say I can't put crumbs and bits of vegimite in the butter but it is ok to leave it in an open container on the bench for a week, hey atleast you can see that big scrapping of butter and vegimite, who knows what you can see, so I am thinking a lid would be nice. But that is husbands for you I suppose.

I did a fair bit of cooking over the weekend, mainly of food only I like which is a little annoying, I mean it is chicken and vegetable soup, everyone likes chicken and vegetable soup. I must admit the pumpkin soup was popular as were the zuchinni cakes I cooked, Riley even ate them, he pronounced them yummy, I mean the had cheese in them and were fried ofcourse they were yummy, I used fresh garlic in mine, they were very good. We also made homemade pizza Saturday night, Riley loves them and they are fun to make and then we have a second dinner because I cover mine with smoked oysters and they make Michael gag so we make seperate ones. Sunday after soccer we had a huge food breakthrough with Alec, Michael made french toast, Alec ate 2 slices!! that means he ate 2 eggs!! We were pretty thrilled it is something he has never seen before, Riley on the other hand pronounced it sticky and had a bit of toast.. wiff budder

So apart from cooking and washing (on wet rainy days) we had a pretty quiet weekend. And when Michael couldn't round up a kitchen boy/ house elf/ anyone but me to clean up he cleaned up after me in the kitchen.

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Blogger Lissy said...
Yes and there is no toilet paper fairy!

Blogger Heather said...
Oh I hear ya! Husbands can be a little annoying. Mine can't generally find things. Because he never puts them back or in a place where he can remember to find them! Like shoes in a closet! It's always nice when they go back to work on Mondays isn't it! I like the change you made to 2-column.

Blogger hummie said...
that reminds me my exhusband couldnt find his clothes unless they were folded and in his drawer. even if the clean washing was waiting to be folded.
he would use every saucepan and utensil in the kitchen when he cooked. yet like you i would get into trouble for scrapping the butter back in the container. he would leave the milk out for a week if i didnt put it in the fridge. i think he thought the milk fairy did it. men are such funny creatures.

Blogger "Grendel" said...
Which its that I'm so busy cleaning the rubbish from in front of the coffee machine that I keep forgetting the lid.

Blogger Krissynae said...
If it is not the Butter is the taking the last of the toliet paper off the roll. And you don't notice it until you are needing it. Very cute entry

Blogger hummie said...
um gee Michael you slipped that one in. i suggest you finish one job at a time, then you will remember to put the lid back on the butter! I know its difficult, men can only do one job at a time.
One day i can home and my then husband screamed at me to pick up a peice of paper that was on the floor, it was a small bit of paper. the rest of the house was spotless. He had waited all day for me to come home so he could tell me to pick up this piece of paper. i came home at 6pm. he found the paper at 9am. Rather than stressing all day and building up all that silly tension, wouldnt it be easier to pick up the peice of paper himself?
sometimes i think it would be easier just to put the lid on ourselves rather than getting in a pickle. All that wasted energy, when you could have done something else with it