Friday, August 29, 2008
you might want to grab your sunglasses
On Tuesday our bed fiasco will come to an end. We bought ourselves a new king sized ensemble and it will be delivered Tuesday (sometime, within a two hour window). So as we only have queen sized sheets I thought I better go and buy some kings sized and took off for the Shreidan outlet store. Sheridan make truly gorgeous sheets but I was out for a bargain today and I found them!! This is where you need your sunnies, I got the sheets for $25 a set reduced from $119.95 so for that price I can live with mango and purple. Sleeping on the floor hasn't been that bad except for when you wake up in the night and swing your legs off the bed, then have to crawl around the floor in the dark.

And then I left myself this last night. (it is 11:07am and it is still there, waiting, silently)

I just couldn't be bothered, it has been one of those weeks where I long for some carefree waste-able time where I could perhaps pop out and meet someone for coffee or take a stroll on the beach or just plain run away, a long way away instead of wondering where on earth are the other 3 pairs of Alec's school socks, has he done his homework, have I answered Riley 400th question for the day and have I prepared dinner for the family and are the cats fed. The weekend will bring no relief, I'm in need of relief and polite appreciative children. Alec is moody and sullen and dramatic and trying his hand at blackmail right now.. if you don't let me take my lego gun to school I am going to drop it right now.. well buddy you go ahead and drop it it isn't going to school. He was really put out when it didn't work but he keeps trying.

And now I have a headache, so I made myself a double shot coffee, now all I need is someone to empty the dishwasher for me and stack in those dishes, while I sit here and have more fantasies about house elves and how I so want one because I loathe cooking, cleaning and laundry (more so than usual right now)

Anonymous Kell said...
I'm hearing you babe! Feel the same way nearly every morning! I'd have coffee with you if it was possible!

Blogger Lissy said...
what a bargain...pity you have a busy weekend - do you want to have coffee next week??

Blogger muirwoodsue said...
Hey Alli!
I wish I was a little elf and come over and clean up those dishes for you! Big hugs!

Blogger Lily said...
Holy cow, those are loud and I like bright colors. let the dishes sit and take some you time. It works much better on the headaches than caffeine

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well I like um !! I love the colour purple so they suit me lol !! no really Alli I like um.

I can so relate to those damn dishes, and I am going to make a coffee right now lol !!

Have a lovely day Alli, BTW I love your scrappy room.

Carole xx