Sunday, August 03, 2008
it just goes to show
When you set out to reduce your reliance on something due to human error you are once again thankful you have such aides. What is she talking about you wonder. Well if you remember the other day I was wanting to take more care with my photography, concentrate on capturing better photos with the camera and less post processing.

This is all well and good until you have an off day and just pick up the camera and click away, forgetting that you were set for inside shooting, white balance set to tungsten light and 800 iso.. while you were standing outside on a lovely sun kissed verndah.

The first image is straight off the camera... oh dear, what a sad effort, I was so caught up in getting the photo I didn't even think, it didn't help that I felt as though my head was going to fall off, photography and illness don't mix, thankfully 10 hours in bed and I was feeling human again, pity by then it was midnight. But I digress..

And here we have the glory of photoshop laid out before us, I am thankful on days like this I shoot in raw. The original image needed the exposure tweaked, the black levels increased, back light and contrast, not to mention the temperature changed, as I understand it the temperature is what determines what the white balance is, being warmer and cooler for different tones it creates.

So there is another lesson for me, while getting the image right in the first place be thankful for photoshop and raw format photos, they may be freaking huge but now you have a photo of your mum on her birthday.


Blogger Lily said...
wow, you managed to make me cry and feel inadequate all in one relatively short post! Wonderful job editting.

Blogger Heather said...
I totally agree with you. Thank goodness for PS! I've done that too. Now I try to put the settings back to auto because I don't always check when I pick up the camera or if my DH picks it up he won't know how to change things!