Tuesday, September 02, 2008
if I knew then what I know now, awwwwww, yay my bed is here!!!!
if I knew then what I know now, I would have run inside and put a bra on because 23 years and 2 babies leaves its mark.

I was truly amazed yesterday when I found a plastic bag of photos I thought were lost forever, and among them several photos of me as a youngling, 19 seems young now but I am surprised when I look in the mirror and don't see this girl, I still feel like her. The most amazing thing I found was a 28 year old polaroid photo of my first boyfriend, I laughed so much, I am going to scan the polaroids I can't believe they have kept so well.

And here I am at 2, I have mourned this photo thinking it lost forever, you see when I left my previous life I didn't think much about things like photos and mementos, I left a lot behind, but I am thrilled to have found these gems from the past. (these two are printed and ready to scrap, thought it was about time I added to my book of me)

Ta daaaaaaaaaaa my bed arrived this morning, I almost did myself an injury putting it together, actually just trying to get the plastic off was hard. I need a bigger bed spread, this one wont tuck in at the sides, this is a seriously big bed, I need a cover that measures atleast 165cm (66 inches). Would you believe I have had a lay down on it yet, I am saving that for after I have picked up Alec, I'm going to kick my shoes off grab my book and read for an hour!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
It looks a big bed Alli LOL !! Loving that photo of you by the car, and what a cutie you were.

Carole xx

Blogger Domestic Goddess said...
congrats on the bed Alli - now you can roll over in your sleep and not fear falling through!!

You are gorgeous - love both those photos - great scrap material there eh?

Blogger Lissy said...
love love love the photos Alli :) And yay for the bed! And can we book a holiday catch up now???

Blogger Lily said...
Love that photo of you at 2. What a wonderful thing to find. also, girl, nice hair in the first one! Glad you finally solved your bed woes

Blogger Iris Flavia said...
Yay for old pics! I scan in all the ones I found also :-)
Tarzan :-)