Monday, September 01, 2008
lots happening right now
forms for swimming, excursions, cake stalls, fathers day stalls, all these are littering my bench. All this with only three weeks of school left until holidays, the first week of the holidays we have the Perth Royal Show and Riley's 5th birthday, how did that creep up on me.

I just finished making 70 of these little gems, cookie dough with white chocolate the idea courtesy of the pioneer woman, I didn't have candy, so I used chocolate buttons, they got the thumbs up from the boys.

And here is our rescued blue tongue lizard, he was playing chicken with a truck on the road so we closed in our back yard and he has been with us for about 3 months, we haven't seen much of him but there was a little sunshine today, this being the first day of spring and all. While I took this the cats sat and stared at him, but he has a big hiss and they are big scardy cats so they wont bother him.

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Blogger Krissynae said...
The desserts look great and delious and that lizard is scary looking. eeek

Blogger Lori K said...
Those cookies looks yummy!