Thursday, September 04, 2008
leaving my mark
The enormity of what we do strikes me at the strangest times. I've been feeling a bit pointless lately, while being a mum is great when every one forgets their pleases and thank you's and thinks you will come running when they scream and an endless stream of I want's and do we have to's and it can seem like a pretty crumby job occasionally.

I ask myself how will I leave my mark what will I do, what will I discover and I come up with nothing. Then I finished a layout today, it has been a three day process, I don't like to rush things these days. As I wrote the date on the layout it struck me, 1968 was 40 years ago, I have no idea what was going on in my life or the life of my family, but when Alec and Riley are 42 they will be able to see what was happening and who I am and what I thought. If I do nothing else in my life at least I have been a record keeper for our little family.

and look how much sewing I was able to cram onto that layout :) it is the first layout I have sewn on with my machine. I even managed to change the stitch!
Blogger Gayle Smith said...
Great Layout Alli!
Congrats on your first page with sewing on it ;)
Looking forward to catching up soon in Hyden...done your layouts yet? I haven't :(

Blogger Lee said...
Beautiful, Alli! I hope to think that what we do is important - sometimes it is my entire reason for being what with all the "do we have to's" and "I want" I hear from my four! Today is my day of reflection - turning 44 - wonder what layout I can come up with? Thanks for the inspiration!

Blogger muirwoodsue said...
This is just adorable. You are so totally cute Alli!
I have not sewn on a page yet - you did a great job on this.

Blogger Lily said...
is that fabric in the background?? Love it

Blogger Justine said...
Love this layout Alli and what a precious pic......not only are you a record keeper but a very inspiring one at that...Keep it up!!

Blogger Miss M! said...
That layout is AMAZING!!!